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Belly Dance by Cida Arcanjo

Dublin, Ireland

June, 2019 //


Cida has been professionally Belly Dancing for almost twenty years in countless events in Ireland, Brazil, France and other countries.

Her style is very energetic with remarkable stage presence, effective musical interpretation and improvisation with highlights to drums solo, sword and veil techniques and public interaction.

Yalla Dublin Belly Dance is an initiative of the bellydancer Cida Arcanjo to promote Belly Dance in Ireland, through events, workshops and classes.

On June 30th, the Button Factory (Dublin) received the event for the first time and it sold out.

Please, find bellow my best choice photographies among 20 performances,

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2 comentarios

Nossa! Ficaram lindas! Amei... profissional mesmo. Parabéns! Rsrs...

Me gusta

Stunning! Really breathetaking! Amazing shoots!

Me gusta
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