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Camila Satler & Raphael Cardoso

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jan, 2019 //


I met this lovely Brazilian couple in Dublin, Ireland. Rapha was my flatmate in D1 and Camila came along after they match on Tinder and start dating. After a few years together they have decided to get married in Copenhagen City Hall, Denmark. I couldn't imagine I would be there to see those smiling fated to say 'yes'. 👰 🤵

Young couple getting married at Copenhagen City Hall
Raphael & Camila at the Copenhagen City Hall

There weren't either family or long term friends. It was a small ceremony, no more then 15 minutes but, full of love and happiness. ♥️ Apart of them, five others were the room as witness of that moment. I was there, taking photos and signing my name as someone who truly see this love born. What a pleasure! 😊

Before the wedding day I took a few photos of them in intimacy. Hope you like it. 📷

Now, the couple live in Ireland. That's the place they call home now. 🇮🇪

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