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Eliz & Terence - Wedding

Belfast, North Ireland - UK

Ago, 2019 //


Irish & Brazilian couple sharing love with family and friends.

Me and Eliz studied together for a few months in the same English school in Dublin. She had always said that I would take pictures of her wedding. And it's not that I really covered this beautiful moment of her life. What an honor!

The union between Eliz and Terence took place during a brief ceremony at the Belfast City Council. After that dinner was served for family and friends of the bride and groom at the Mailmaison Hotel.

They said "YES" to each other and for a life together.

Today, the couple lives in Cork, Ireland.

Please, have a look at my favorite pics.

I wish all the best for them! <3


1. Belfast City Council, City Hall, Belfast BT1 5GS, United Kingdom

2. Mailmaison Hotel Belfast, 34-38 Victoria St, Belfast BT1 3GH, United Kingdom

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The pictures are simply amazing! Each shot looks like a piece of art.

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