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Grace & Brad - Engagement

Dublin, Ireland

Jun, 2019 //


I met Grace and Brad in Dublin while they were on holidays. āœˆ She is going to college soon in US, so they have no idea when the next trip is going to happen (best luck). Thinking about that, they decided to go to a few countries in Europe such as France, England, Swiss and Ireland. šŸŒ

Grace didnā€™t expect that Brad was planning to make a proposal in the meanwhile. šŸ’ It happened at the Sydney Gardens in Bath, UK, where one of her favourites writers, Jane Austen, used to live. āœšŸ¼

All excitement brought them to pose in front of my lenses at the biggest park in Dublin, the Phoenix Park. šŸ“ø They were friendly and relaxing. šŸ˜Ž They did everything I would ask for. I had great pleasure to make this lifetime moment forever and I wish the best in life for this lovely couple. šŸ’•

Hope you like it.

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